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eb09xo 02-15-2012 02:11 AM

Curve 8520 Help! Keyboard/Trackpad Issues
Not sure if anyone out there can help me out but I've been having troubles with my Blackberry Curve (8520) and wondering if anyone else has had the same experience or if you've found a solution. Here goes:

My phone all of a sudden started to write "MmMmmmm" constantly no matter what I did...the keyboard was going nuts. I turned it off immediately. My phone doesn't turn back on unless I pull out the battery so I did this then it went to my usual homescreen BUT wouldn't let me do anything since the entire keyboard and trackpad wasn't working and the phone automatically locks. I was left with only seeing the homescreen for a few seconds and the notifications at the top for a short period of time.

From there forward, every time I pulled the battery out I would go through the same process. I'd see the homescreen for a matter of seconds and would see that I had missed calls. The weird thing is I went from having one missed call to having 10 missed calls (going up in increments every time I pulled the battery out)...I can't think of anyone who would be calling be 10 times at this hour.

Tech support said to reinstall the software (hard to do without a connector cord which mine didn't come with), but I won't be able to see about these missed calls.

Any thoughts on why this might have happened/if reinstallation will really fix this?


Dubdub 02-15-2012 08:19 AM

Re: Curve 8520 Help! Keyboard/Trackpad Issues
Did you drop the device or get it wet? You problem sounds like water damage.

eb09xo 02-15-2012 09:31 AM

Re: Curve 8520 Help! Keyboard/Trackpad Issues
No water damage but it does have some physical damage from a while ago although it's been functioning lately despite the fact that the "L" key hasn't been working for the past month.

longtomm 02-27-2012 03:37 AM

Re: Curve 8520 Help! Keyboard/Trackpad Issues
my 8520 has a simmilar problem; mine started with the 'a' key then after some months it changed to the space bar.

i figured that if u press and hold a different button long enough, it stops till i press the button giving problems again - i have dropped my bb a good number of times so i thought that must be the cause of all my problems.

good luck finding a solution

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