WORKING Smith Corona Electronic Typewriter + supplies, IB For Sale

WORKING Smith Corona Electronic Typewriter + supplies, IB

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WORKING Smith Corona Electronic Typewriter + supplies, IB:

Considering using a typewriter to write your novel? This is about the most user-friendly style available. Light-touch keyboard like on your computer, but each letter prints as you type. All functions are electric-powered and all work. This lets you write the old way -- wadding up pages you don't like, as you go, or keeping them if you prefer. All captured on paper.Also great for youngsters. Unlike the older typewriters with mechanical keys, this style can NOT get jammed when a kid hits multiple keys at once. Much like a computer keyboard, except that it produces print-on-paper as you go.
This model does NOT have a built-in carry handle. That was included in the latch-on plastic cover that fitted over the entire typewriter..... which I do NOT have. It does have a serial-type connection on the back, allowing it to be used with a computer as an early word-processing tool. No software though, or cable.
I will include FOUR new ribbons in addition to the one in it, which still has some life. Also I just installed a new lift-off correction tape, and will include another.Very nice condition working typewriter by Smith Corona. Tons of features, but works great right out of the box as a "plain vanilla" typewriter. This one has built-in spell checker (audible signal), adjustable impression, 10/12 cpi setting. Also choice of printing your typing character-by-character, or whole line at once after review.A bit larger and more features than most of the small portable electronic typewriters made by Smith Corona at their peak in 1980s-1990s. Still quite lightweight though. This is READY TO GO, just put in paper and start typing.(Actually I do have the cover, which clamps over entire top and includes a carrying handle. But one of its two top plastic clips is broken off so it is not completely secure for lugging around. Works okay if handled carefully. I will include it AT NO EXTRA CHARGE if requested by buyer.)The standard printwheel installed is "Regency 10" (which looks about like this), 10 characters per inch. There are many other fonts available but not included. I consider the "daisy wheel" electronic typewriters such as this to be "the poor man's IBM Selectronic, which used a "type ball" to move across the page and print each letter selected. The printwheel is a simpler version. Various brands used their own proprietary version. SCM used this version for dozens of models.This typewriter can produce Bold Face typing from any font ..... it does that by double stroking each character with a slight offset; tells how in manual..The once-through ribbon and lift-off correction tape are mostly used-up; I will include SIX MORE NEW ribbons and one new correction tape. They are "H" size ribbons. The correction tapes are spool type.

Owners manual is included, a copy on CD-ROM. This is not the exact manual for this model; I will include two or three models so that all features of this one will be covered.(There were dozens of models available over a few years, varying in the case design and in which features were included.)

This was built during the Golden Years of electronic typewriters. Brother and Smith Corona were slugging it out for top place, and a couple dozen or more other brands also had excellent market offerings. Smith Corona was still made in USA at this time, and took Brother to court over their imports. Brother moved production to Tennessee, Smith Corona moved THEIRS to Singapore....... Brother is still making and selling typewriters like this. Smith Corona is NOT, but branded and third-party supplies are still readily available for these typewriters.

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