VINTAGE CALCULATOR LOT OF 3 - Commodore, HP, Texas Instruments - Not working For Sale

VINTAGE CALCULATOR LOT OF 3 - Commodore, HP, Texas Instruments - Not working

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VINTAGE CALCULATOR LOT OF 3 - Commodore, HP, Texas Instruments - Not working:

# 1
Commodore SR5190R (VERY CLEAN)

Size (approx):

80mm x 150mm x 30mm(max) (w,h,d)
Weight 220g (including batteries)

Power:Rechargeable sealed Ni-Cd batteries from mains adapter. 3x AA, 1.5V cells (3N450AAF). Use adapter DC640, 707, 708 or 709, 6 Volts.Case:Two-piece stippled black plastic case with chrome painted trim (the remnants of which can still be seen). Buttons in grey, white, red, green and blue with functions in raised and painted green. Inset red display filter.Display:10 digit red LED module with bubble lens (eleventh for minus sign) plus two digit (smaller) red LED module with bubble lens (third holds minus sign) for the exponent.Features:Over 80 functions including poisson, gaussian, integrals, derivatives, probability, hms, factorial, slope, intercept, two memories and conversions (F-C, oz-g, gal-l, m-km, BTU-J etc.)Age:Commodore's scientific range spans 1974 to 1976. The date codes on the chips point to 1976.Manufacturer:Commodore, Made in England. Serial No. 130180, (label) part No. 201345-03.Comments:With 49 keys is this a button monster or what! The SR prefix of this period indicates a "scientific model", they used "F" for financial. Good idea to install rechargeable batteries as this thing would have eaten power. This is one serious calculator, although the "Made in England" means assembled at best as all the components and boards are Japanese.# 2
Texas Instruments TI Programmable 57 - With Original Case

TheTI-57was a programmablecalculatormade byTexas Instrumentsbetween 1977 and 1982. There were three machines by this name made by TI, the first was the TI-57 withLEDdisplay released in September 1977 along the more It had 50 program steps and 8 memory registers. Two later versions named TI-57 LCD and TI-57 LCD-II have aLCDdisplay, but were less powerful (ran much slower) and had much less memory: 48 bytes to be allocated between program 'steps' and storage registers.

The TI-57 lackednon-volatile memory, so any programs entered were lost when the calculator was switched off or the battery ran out.

The LED display version of the TI-57 had a rechargeableNickel-Cadmium batterypack BP7 which contains twoAA sizebatteries and electronics to raise the voltage to the 9V required by the calculator. A popular modification is to power it from a9V batteryand use the battery cover of a LEDTI-30or a part of the dismantled battery pack. This modification provides a better battery life than the original battery pack.

# 3

HP Hewlett Packard 33E Scientific/Programable

The HP-33E and HP-33C were the basic scientific programmable members of the 30 series. The "E" model had conventional memory which lost its contents when power was turned off. The "C" model provided continuous memory. (After this series, continuous memory was considered basic functionality. The curator has, on several occasions had to explain to more recent calculator users that loss of data on power off was normal for older calculators.)

These calculators had two shift keys like theHP-32Eso in order to make room for the programming keys, some preprogrammed features had to be omitted including hyperbolics, percent change, most unit conversions, Q, and Q^-1. Also, because memory space was needed for programming, storage registers were limited to 8. In place of these features and storage registers they provided 49 step programming similar in style to theHP-25(plus subroutines) at about half the price. Of course, compared to the HP-25, the HP-33E/C also included linear regression and estimate, and degrees/radians conversion.

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