TL866CS Programmer 8 Adapters TSOP32,TSOP40,TSOP48 Adapters Bios 51 Flash Eprom For Sale

TL866CS Programmer 8 Adapters TSOP32,TSOP40,TSOP48 Adapters Bios 51 Flash Eprom

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TL866CS Programmer 8 Adapters TSOP32,TSOP40,TSOP48 Adapters Bios 51 Flash Eprom:

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  • Please contact us before opening dispution, we promise to solve every problem carefully.
  • We are NOT responsible for any custom duty or import tax.
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x SOP56-DIP48.
  • 1 x PLCC IC extractor.
  • 1 x TSOP32 base board.
  • 1 x TSOP40B base board.
  • 1 x TSOP40A base board.
  • 1 x TSOP48 ZIF socket top board.
  • 1 x PSOP44 ZIF socket top board.
  • 1 x TSOP48/SOP44 2-in-1 base board.
  • 1 x TSOP32/40/48 soldering top board.
  • 1 x True-USB TL866cs MiniPRO Programmer.
  • 1 x USB Cable (for both power supply and data communication).
  • 1 x Installation CD with latest MiniPro software & PDF manual.
  • Parts of IC list as followings: Electrically erasable ROM chip (26/27/37xxxx)-----. 
    SST27SF256 SST27SF512 SST27SF512(PLCC32) SST27SF512(TSOP32) SST27SF010. 
    SST27SF010(PLCC32) SST27SF020 SST27SF020(PLCC32) SST27SF020(TSOP32) SST27SF040. 
    SST27SF040(PLCC32) SST27SF040(TSOP32). 
    W27C257 W27C257(PLCC32) W27C512 W27C512(PLCC32) W27C010 W27C010(PLCC32). 
    W27C01 W27C01(PLCC32) W27C020 W27C020(Q32) W27C020(S32). 
    W27C02 W27C02(Q32) W27C02(S32) W27C040 W27C040(PLCC32). 
    W27C040(SOP32) W27E257 W27E257(PLCC32) W27E512 W27E512(PLCC32). 
    W27E010 W27E010(PLC32) W27E010(SOP32) W27E01 W27E01(PLCC32). 
    W27E01(SOP32) W27E020 W27E020(PLCC32) W27E020(SOP32) W27E02. 
    W27E02(PLCC32) W27E02(SOP32) W27E040 W27E040(PLCC32) W27E040(SOP32) W27E04. 
    MXIC ----->. 
    FLASH EEPROM ACTRANS Parallel Flash Total: 9. 
    AC39LV512 @PLCC32 AC39LV512 @TSOP32. 
    AC39LV010 @PLCC32 AC39LV010 @TSOP32. 
    AC39LV020 @PLCC32 AC39LV020 @TSOP32. 
    AC39LV040 @PLCC32 AC39LV040 @TSOP32. 
    AC39LV080 @TSOP40. 
    AMD Parallel Flash Total: 184. 
    AM2816 AM2816A AM28C16 AM2864A AM2864AE AM28C256. 
    AM28F256 AM28F256A AM28F256A(PLCC32) AM28F512 AM28F512(PLCC32) AM28F512A. 
    AM28F010 AM28F010(PLCC32) AM28F010A AM28F020 AM28F020(PLCC32). 
    AM29F010 @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32 AM29F040B @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32. 
    AM29F010B @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32 AM29F080(B) @TSOP40. 
    AM29F040 @DIP32_PLCC32_TSOP32 AM29F016D @TSOP40. 
    AM29F002T @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32 AM29F002B @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32. 
    AM29F002BT @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32 AM29F002BB @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32. 
    AM29F002NT @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32 AM29F002NB @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32. 
    AM29F002NBT @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32 AM29F002NBB @DIP32_PLCC32TSOP32. 
    AM29F100T @TSOP48 AM29F100T @SOP44. 
    AM29F100B @TSOP48 AM29F100B @SOP44. 
    AM29F100AT @TSOP48 AM29F100AT @SOP44. 
    AM29F100AB @TSOP48 AM29F100AB @SOP44. 
    AM29F200AT @TSOP48 AM29F200AT @SOP44. 
    AM29F200AB @TSOP48 AM29F200AB @SOP44. 
    AM29F200BT @TSOP48 AM29F200BT @SOP44. 
    AM29F200BB @TSOP48 AM29F200BB @SOP44. 
    AM29F400AT @TSOP48 AM29F400AT @SOP44. 
    AM29F400AB @TSOP48 AM29F400AB @SOP44. 
    AM29F400BT @TSOP48 AM29F400BT @SOP44. 
    AM29F400BB @TSOP48 AM29F400BB @SOP44. 
    AM29F800T @TSOP48 AM29F800T @SOP44. 
    AM29F800B @TSOP48 AM29F800B @SOP44. 
    AM29F800AT @TSOP48 AM29F800AT @SOP44. 
    AM29F800AB @TSOP48 AM29F800AB @SOP44. 
    AM29F800BT @TSOP48 AM29F800BT @SOP44. 
    AM29F800BB @TSOP48 AM29F800BB @SOP44. 
    AM29F160DT @TSOP48 AM29F160DB @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV010B @PLCC32 AM29LV004BT @TSOP40. 
    AM29LV020B @PLCC32 AM29LV004BB @TSOP40. 
    AM29LV040B @PLCC32 AM29LV008T @TSOP40. 
    AM29LV010B @TSOP32 AM29LV008B @TSOP40. 
    AM29LV020B @TSOP32 AM29LV008BT @TSOP40. 
    AM29LV040B @TSOP32 AM29LV008BB @TSOP40. 
    AM29LV081 @TSOP40 AM29LV200T @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV017 @TSOP40 AM29LV200B @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV033C @TSOP40 AM29LV200BT @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV033M @TSOP40 AM29LV200BB @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV004T @TSOP40 AM29LV400BT @SOP44. 
    AM29LV004B @TSOP40 AM29LV400BB @SOP44---(44). 
    AM29LV800T @TSOP48 AM29DL800BB @SOP44. 
    AM29LV800B @TSOP48 AM29DL161DT @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV800BT @TSOP48 AM29DL161DB @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV800BB @TSOP48 AM29DL162DT @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV800T @SOP44 AM29DL162DB @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV800B @SOP44 AM29DL163DT @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV800BT @SOP44 AM29DL163DB @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV800BB @SOP44 AM29DL164DT @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV160BT @TSOP48 AM29DL164DB @TSOP48. 
    AM29LV160BB @TSOP48 AM29DL322DT @TSOP48. 
    AM29DL400BT @SOP44 AM29DL324DT @TSOP48. 
    AM29DL400BB @SOP44 AM29DL324DB @TSOP48. 
    AM29DL800BT @TSOP48 AM29DL324GT @TSOP48. 
    AM29DL800BB @TSOP48 AM29DL324GB @TSOP48. 
    AM29DL800BT @SOP44 --------(45). 
    AM29BL802CB SOP56 AM29BL162CB SOP56---(2). 
    AMIC Parallel Flash Total: 108. 
    A29001T (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A290011T (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29001U (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A290011U (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29002T (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A290021T (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29002U (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A290021U (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29512 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A29010 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29020 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A29040 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29040 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A29040A (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29040B (DIP/PLCC/TSOP) A29L040 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    A29400TV @TSOP48 A29800TV @TSOP48. 
    A29400UV @TSOP48 A29800UV @TSOP48. 
    A29400TM @SOP44 A29800TM @SOP44. 
    A29400UM @SOP44 A29800UM @SOP44. 
    A29L040 @DIP_PLCC32 A29L008AUV @TSOP40. 
    A29L040 @TSOP32 A29L400TV @TSOP48. 
    A29L040A @DIP_PLCC32 A29L400UV @TSOP48. 
    A29L040A @TSOP32 A29L400ATV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004TL @PLCC32 A29L400AUV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004UL @PLCC32 A29L400TM @SOP44". 
    A29L004TV @TSOP32 A29L400UM @SOP44. 
    A29L004UV @TSOP32 A29L400ATM @SOP44. 
    A29L004TX @TSOP32 A29L400AUM @SOP44. 
    A29L004UX @TSOP32 A29L800TV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004TW @TSOP40 A29L800UV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004UW @TSOP40 A29L800ATV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004ATL @PLCC32 A29L800AUV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004AUL @PLCC32 A29L800TM @SOP44. 
    A29L004ATV @TSOP32 A29L800UM @SOP44. 
    A29L004AUV @TSOP32 A29L800ATM @SOP44. 
    A29L004ATX @TSOP32 A29L800AUM @SOP44. 
    A29L004AUX @TSOP32 A29L160TV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004ATY @TSOP32 A29L160UV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004AUY @TSOP32 A29L160ATV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004ATW @TSOP40 A29L160AUV @TSOP48. 
    A29L004AUW @TSOP40 A29L320TV @TSOP48. 
    A29L008TV @TSOP40 A29L320UV @TSOP48. 
    A29L008UV @TSOP40 A29L320ATV @TSOP48. 
    A29L008ATV @TSOP40 A29L320AUV @TSOP48. 
    ATMEL Parallel Flash Total: 262. 
    AT28C04 AT28C04E AT28C04F. 
    AT28C16 AT28C16E AT28C16F AT28C17 AT28C17E AT28C17F AT2864A. 
    AT28C64 AT28HC64 AT2864L AT28PC64 AT28C64B. 
    AT28HC64B AT28BC64B AT28PC64B AT28C64BL AT28C64E. 
    AT28C64F AT28C64X AT28C256/E/F AT28HC256 /F. 
    AT29C257 @DIP32_PLCC32_SOP32 AT29LV512 @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29C512 @DIP32_PLCC32_SOP32 AT29LV010A @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29C010A @DIP32_PLCC32_SOP32 AT29LV020 @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29C020 @DIP32_PLCC32_SOP32 AT29LV040A @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29C040A @DIP32_PLCC32_SOP32 AT29LV040 @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29C040 @DIP32_PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29BV010A @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29BV020 @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29BV040A @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT29BV040 @PLCC32_SOP32. 
    AT49F512 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49BV512 (PLCC32/TSOP32). 
    AT49F010 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49BV010 (PLCC32/TSOP32). 
    AT49F020 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49BV020 (PLCC32/TSOP32). 
    AT49F040 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49BV040 (PLCC32/TSOP32). 
    AT49F512 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49BV040T (PLCC32/TSOP32). 
    AT49F001 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49F002NT AT49F001N (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49F002 AT49F001T (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49F002N AT49F001NT (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49F002T AT49F002 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49F002NT AT49F002N (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) AT49F002T (61). 
    AT49F080 (TSOP40) AT49F080T (TSOP40). 
    AT49F1024 (VSOP40) AT49F8192A (TSOP48). 
    AT49F2048A (TSOP48) AT49F8192AT (TSOP48). 
    AT49F4096A (TSOP48) AT49F8011 (TSOP48). 
    AT49F4096AT (TSOP48) AT49F8011T (TSOP48). 
    AT49F004 (TSOP40) AT49F008A (TSOP40). 
    AT49F004T (TSOP40) AT49F008AT (TSOP40). 
    AT49F1604 (TSOP48) AT49F1614 (TSOP48). 
    AT49F1604T (TSOP48) AT49F1614T (TSOP48). 
    AT49BV080 TSOP40 AT49BV1604T TSOP48. 
    AT49BV1024A VSOP40 AT49BV1614 TSOP48. 
    AT49BV2048A TSOP48 AT49BV1614T TSOP48. 
    AT49BV4096A TSOP48 AT49BV162A TSOP48. 
    AT49BV4096AT TSOP48 AT49BV162AT TSOP48. 
    AT49BV8192A TSOP48 AT49BV163A TSOP48. 
    AT49BV8192AT TSOP48 AT49BV163AT TSOP48. 
    AT49BV8011 TSOP48 AT49BV320 TSOP48. 
    AT49BV8011T TSOP48 AT49BV320T TSOP48". 
    AT49BV802A TSOP48 AT49BV320D TSOP48". 
    AT49BV080T TSOP40 AT49BV321 TSOP48. 
    AT49BV802AT TSOP48 AT49BV321T TSOP48. 
    AT49BV160 TSOP48 AT49BV322 TSOP48. 
    AT49BV160T TSOP48 AT49BV322T TSOP48. 
    AT49BV161 TSOP48 AT49BV3218 TSOP48. 
    AT49BV161T TSOP48 AT49BV3218T TSOP48. 
    AT49BV1604 TSOP48 AT49BV6416 TSOP48. 
    AT49BV6416T TSOP48. 
    AT49BV002 @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49BV004 @TSOP40. 
    AT49BV002N @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49BV004T @TSOP40. 
    AT49BV002T @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49BV008A @TSOP40. 
    AT49BV002NT @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49BV008AT @TSOP40. 
    AT49LV512 @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49LV040 @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV010 @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49LV040T @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV020 @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV080 @TSOP40 AT49LV080T @TSOP40. 
    AT49LV1024A @VSOP40 AT49LV161T @TSOP48". 
    AT49LV2048A @TSOP48 AT49LV1614 @TSOP48. 
    AT49LV4096A @TSOP48 AT49LV1614T @TSOP48. 
    AT49LV4096AT @TSOP48 AT49LV320 @TSOP48". 
    AT49LV8192A @TSOP48 AT49LV320T @TSOP48". 
    AT49LV8192AT @TSOP48 AT49LV320D @TSOP48. 
    AT49LV8011 @TSOP48 AT49LV321 @TSOP48. 
    AT49LV8011T @TSOP48 AT49LV321T @TSOP48". 
    AT49LV160 @TSOP48 AT49LV3218 @TSOP48". 
    AT49lV160T @TSOP48 AT49LV3218T @TSOP48". 
    AT49LV161 @TSOP48. 
    AT49LV001 @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49LV002 @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV001N @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49LV002N @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV001T @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49LV002T @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV001NT @PLCC32/TSOP32 AT49LV002NT @PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    AT49LV008A @TSOP40 AT49LV008AT @TSOP40. 
    AT49LH002 @PLCC32 AT49LW040 @PLCC32". 
    AT49LH004 @PLCC32 AT49LW080 @PLCC32". 
    AT49LH002 @TSOP40 AT49LW040 @TSOP40". 
    AT49LH004 @TSOP40 AT49LW080 @TSOP40". 
    AT49LL020 @PLCC32 AT49LL020 @TSOP40. 
    AT49LL040 @PLCC32 AT49LL040 @TSOP40. 
    AT49LL080 @PLCC32 AT49LL080 @TSOP40. 
    AT49HF010 @DIP32 AT49HBV010 @TSOP32. 
    AT49HF010 @PLCC32 AT49HLV010 @DIP32. 
    AT49HF010 @TSOP32 AT49HLV010 @PLCC32. 
    AT49HBV010 @DIP32 AT49HLV010 @TSOP32. 
    AT49HBV010 @PLCC32. 
    CATALYST Parallel Flash Total: 28. 
    CAT2816 CAT2816A CAT28C16 CAT28C17 CAT2817A. 
    CAT2864A CAT28C64 CAT28HC64 CAT28C256 CAT28C257. 
    CAT28F001T @DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    CAT28F001B @DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    CAT28F256 @DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    CAT28F512 @DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    CAT28F010 @DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    CAT28F020 @DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32. 
    ECON Parallel Flash Total: 46. 
    EN29F040 (DIP/PLCC/TSOP). 
    EN29LV010 @PLCC32 EN29LV160AT @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV010 @TSOP32 EN29LV160AB @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV040 @PLCC32 EN29LV160JT @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV040 @TSOP32 EN29LV160JB @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV800T @TSOP48 EN29LV320T @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV800B @TSOP48 EN29LV320B @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV800AT @TSOP48 EN29LV640H @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV800AB @TSOP48 EN29LV640L @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV800BT @TSOP48 EN29LV641H @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV800BB @TSOP48 EN29LV641L @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV160T @TSOP48 EN29LV641U @TSOP48. 
    EN29LV160B @TSOP48. 
    ESFT Parallel Flash Total: 12. 
    F49L004U @PLCC32 F49L400UA @TSOP48. 
    F49L004U @TSOP40 F49L400BA @TSOP48. 
    F49L004B @PLCC32 F49L800UA @TSOP48. 
    F49L004B @TSOP40 F49L800BA @TSOP48. 
    F49L040A @PLCC32 F49L160UA @TSOP48. 
    F49L040A @TSOP32 F49L160BA @TSOP48. 
    EXEL Parallel Flash Total: 10. 
    XL28C04A XL2816 XL28C64 XL28HC65 XL28C256. 
    XL2816A XL28C16 XL28C65 XL2865A XL2864A. 
    FUJITSU Parallel Flash Total: 94. 
    MBM29F002T @PLCC32 MBM29F400BA @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F002T @TSOP32 MBM29F400TA @SOP44. 
    MBM29F002B @PLCC32 MBM29F400BA @SOP44. 
    MBM29F002B @TSOP32 MBM29F400TC @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F040 @PLCC32 MBM29F400BC @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F040 @TSOP32 MBM29F400TC @SOP44. 
    MBM29F033C @TSOP40 MBM29F400BC @SOP44. 
    MBM29F200TA @TSOP48 MBM29F800TA @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F200BA @TSOP48 MBM29F800BA @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F200TA @SOP44 MBM29F800TA @SOP44. 
    MBM29F200BA @SOP44 MBM29F800BA @SOP44. 
    MBM29F200TC @TSOP48 MBM29F800TC @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F200BC @TSOP48 MBM29F800BC @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F200TC @SOP44 MBM29F800TC @SOP44. 
    MBM29F200BC @SOP44 MBM29F800BC @SOP44. 
    MBM29F400TA @TSOP48 MBM29F160T @TSOP48. 
    MBM29F160B @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV001TC @PLCC32 MBM29LV200Bx @SOP44. 
    MBM29LV001BC @PLCC32 MBM29LV400Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV001TC @TSOP32 MBM29LV400Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV001BC @TSOP32 MBM29LV400Tx @SOP44. 
    MBM29LV002TC @TSOP40 MBM29LV400Bx @SOP44. 
    MBM29LV002BC @TSOP40 MBM29LV800Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV004TC @TSOP40 MBM29LV800Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV004BC @TSOP40 MBM29LV800Tx @SOP44. 
    MBM29LV008TA @TSOP40 MBM29LV800Bx @SOP44. 
    MBM29LV008BA @TSOP40 MBM29LV160Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV016T @TSOP40 MBM29LV160Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV016B @TSOP40 MBM29LV320T @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV017 @TSOP40 MBM29LV320B @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV200Tx @TSOP48 MBM29LV650U @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV200Bx @TSOP48 MBM29LV651U @TSOP48. 
    MBM29LV200Tx @SOP44. 
    MBM29DL400Tx @TSOP48 MBM29DL164B @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL400Bx @TSOP48 MBM29DL32TF @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL400Tx @SOP44 MBM29DL32BF @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL400Bx @SOP44 MBM29DL34TF @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL800Tx @TSOP48 MBM29DL34BF @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL800Bx @TSOP48 MBM29DL321Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL800Tx @SOP44 MBM29DL321Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL800Bx @SOP44 MBM29DL322Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL161T @TSOP48 MBM29DL322Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL161B @TSOP48 MBM29DL323Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL162T @TSOP48 MBM29DL323Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL162B @TSOP48 MBM29DL324Tx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL163T @TSOP48 MBM29DL324Bx @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL163B @TSOP48 MBM29DL640E @TSOP48. 
    MBM29DL164T @TSOP48 MBM29DL640D @TSOP48. 
    HYUNDAY_HYNIX Parallel Flash Total: 45. 
    HY29F002T @DIP_PLCC32 HY29F040A @DIP_PLCC32. 
    HY29F002T @TSOP32 HY29F040A @TSOP32. 
    HY29F040 @DIP_PLCC32 HY29F040T @DIP_PLCC32. 
    HY29F040 @TSOP32 HY29F040T @TSOP32. 
    HY29F080 @TSOP40 --(13). 
    HY29F200T @TSOP48 HY29F800AT @TSOP48. 
    HY29F200T @SOP44 HY29F800AT @SOP44. 
    HY29F200B @TSOP48 HY29F800AB @TSOP48. 
    HY29F200B @SOP44 HY29F800AB @SOP44. 
    HY29F400T @TSOP48 HY29LV400T @TSOP48. 
    HY29F400T @SOP44 HY29LV400T @SOP44. 
    HY29F400B @TSOP48 HY29LV400B @TSOP48. 
    HY29F400B @SOP44 HY29LV400B @SOP44. 
    HY29F400AT @TSOP48 HY29LV800T @TSOP48. 
    HY29F400AT @SOP44 HY29LV800T @SOP44. 
    HY29F400AB @TSOP48 HY29LV800B @TSOP48. 
    HY29F400AB @SOP44 HY29LV800B @SOP44. 
    HY29F800T @TSOP48 HY29LV160T @TSOP48. 
    HY29F800T @SOP44 HY29LV160B @TSOP48. 
    HY29F800B @TSOP48 HY29LV320T @TSOP48. 
    HY29F800B @SOP44 HY29LV320B @TSOP48 ---(32). 
    INTEL Parallel Flash Total: 129. 
    28F001BX-T (PLCC32/DIP32/SOP) 28F512 (PLCC32/DIP32/SOP). 
    28F001BX-B (PLCC32/DIP32/SOP) 28F010 (PLCC32/DIP32/SOP). 
    28F256A (PLCC32/DIP32/SOP) 28F020 (PLCC32/DIP32/SOP). 

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