Snail SNA11 SWB11 Auto Adjustable Wrench 280mm (11in) For Sale

Snail SNA11 SWB11 Auto Adjustable Wrench 280mm (11in)

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Snail SNA11 SWB11 Auto Adjustable Wrench 280mm (11in):

Snail SNA11 SWB11 Auto Adjustable Wrench 280mm (11in)This product data sheet is originally written in English.

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Snail SNA11 SWB11 Auto Adjustable Wrench 280mm (11in) Delivery text

Size: 280mm (11in).
Capacity: 64mm.

Traditional design engineers adjustable wrench with corrosion resistant black finish. Adjustment is via a thumbscrew on the handle.

SnailA01B0020 BUY IT NOW

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If you are looking to return an item or you would like to send us a cheque or postal address please send to the address on the front of the package or the invoice inside. RELATED ITEMS Gedore 6380560 Adjustable spanner, open end 6" View item Gedore 1966316 Adjustable spanner 8", open end, chrome-plated View item Bahco BAH9031K 9031-2 Spare Knurl & Pin & Spring View item Gedore 6354480 Caliper face spanner, adjustable, 3 mm View item Gedore 1966324 Adjustable spanner 8", open end, chrome-plated with 2C-handle View item Gedore 6381100 Adjustable spanner, open end 10" View item Gedore 6380720 Adjustable spanner, open end 10" View item Bahco BAH9031T 9031T ERGO™ Slim Jaw Adjustable Wrench 200mm (8in) View item WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING ABOUT US response/itemFrom Buyer Date/time A+ Excellent sellerFaithfull FAISSCNVEXRB Replacement Convex Spokeshave Blade 52mmandrew5018 (1764) tutto perfettoAcciaio Inox Imbuto 20cm Diametro con Manico E Filtroit.salto (58)  Seller cancelled orderFaithfull FAISCRAPER80 Cabinet Scraper No 80 70mm (2.3/4in)bbrook100 (233) It arrived very quickly and looks very good Quality I am very happy it was a pleSealey STW309 Angle Torque Wrench Flexi-Head Digital 1/2"Sq Drive 20-200Nm(14.7-alban-alve (88) ExcellentFaithfull FAIHDRS Roofing Scraper - Long Handled 1.4m (54 in)turbo12761 (419) all good thank youIrwin Gilbow GIL691 G691 Right Hand Universal Tin Snips 350mm (14in)andy500t (359) All good. Thank you! Faithfull FAIALR Aluminium Landscape Rake Complete With Handlebramlymax (524) All OK. ThanksGedore 6143190 Convertor 1/2" to 3/4"dusteranddishes (1979) Good tool, good price .Sealey VS1813 Motorcycle Pulley Holder - Large �160mm Maximumgr1973jimjim (57) Good tool, good price .Sealey MS036 Motorcycle Locking Pulley Holdergr1973jimjim (57) MPN SNA11 Brand Snail Type Hand Tools EAN Does not apply

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