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About the DG-3000 Digital Generator:

You are looking at the new 2019 Digital 3000watt Pure Sine Wave Gas Digital Generator Inverter. This unit is lightweight, portable, safe on all electronics, 50% more fuel efficient and quieter than traditional generators. The PureWaveDG-3000 is the most advanced inverter generator with true digital signal processingand pure sinewave output. This unit will run RV AC units 10,500 BTU or less.

Save up to 50% on gas with our PureWaveDG-3000 digital watt generator. You will get up to7 hours run time on a tank of gas.This generator has been tested with Honda digital generators andperformed exactly the same in pure sinewaveoutput, fuel efficiency andran the same at 65 decibels.

The generator comes with a full 1 year free part warranty. We give all our customers a 30 day satisfaction return for refund or exchange warranty. We are always fully stocked on all parts for this generator. Any questions at all please call or email us.

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PureWave DG-3000 Digital Generator Specifications
  • Displacement: 139cc, EPA,CE,GS approved.
  • Max. power output: 3.0KW
  • Rated power output: 2.6KW
  • Bore*Stroke(mm): TDI
  • Starting system: Recoil starting
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2 gallons
  • Continuous operating hour: up to 7 hours
  • Noise (7m away): 65dba
  • Rated output frequency: 60HZ
  • Rated output voltage: 120V, 20A
  • D. C. Output: 12V 8.3A
  • How Many Output: 2
  • Total length: 23"
  • Total width: 14"
  • Total height: 19"
  • Net weight: 65 lbs
  • Packing size(mm): 24" x 15" x 20"
Standard Features:
  • Large-capacity air cleaner
  • Large-capacity muffler
  • Auto voltage adjustor
  • Oil alert system
  • Circuit breaker without fuse
  • Circuit protector
  • UPGRADED outlets to 20a each


Inverter Generator vs Traditional Generator

If you have used a traditional/conventional generator, you have probably experienced that when there was a fluctuation in the power, the lights dimmed and then went back to full power. This fluctuation of power is quite dangerous to many modern-day high-tech and sensitive equipment. For example, if your computer was powered by a conventional (non-inverter) generator and the voltage fluctuated, the computer would shut down prematurely. This premature shut down not only causes inconvenience, but often leads to loss of unsaved data and files. Furthermore, sudden fluctuations of power can often be fatal to many of these types of equipment. You will not experience this fluctuation of power using an inverter generator.

How it Works

An inverter generator produces 3-phase AC power at a high frequency. This high frequency AC Power is then converted to DC power. In a final step, the DC power is then inverted back to AC at 120 volts, 60hz for use by common appliances and equipment

Intelligent Throttle Technology (Variable Speed Operation)

In contrast with the traditional generators that run at a constant RPM/speed, DG-3000 portable inverter generators are equipped with microprocessor controlled Intelligent Throttle Technology which automatically adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load. So, if the generator is not powering many appliances, it runs at a lower engine speed. This allows the generator to run quieter while increasing fuel efficiency, increasing engine life and extending running time between refueling. Once the load is increased, this inverter generator increases the speed and RPM automatically to meet the demands of the load. The variable speed feature of the DG-3000 inverter generators provides many advantages, some of which include:

  • Increased Life Span Due to Decreased Engine-Wear.
  • Lighter Weight and Compact
  • Fuel Efficient and Economical to Operate
  • Quiet Operation
  • Environmentally Friendly
Quiet Operation

DG-3000 inverter generators are much quieter than conventional generators. This is because the inverter generators do not run at full speed all the time. As mentioned, the inverter generator is controlled by a microprocessor so it only produces what is needed at any given time.

DG-3000 inverter generators are even much quieter than many other inverter generators in the market. DG-3000 inverter generators are equipped with sound dampening insulation materials that further decrease the level of noise even when running at full speed and maximum load.

The quiet operation of the DG-3000 inverter generators makes them a perfect candidate for use in RV's, boats and at campgrounds, recreational sites, exhibition booths and concessions stands.

Pure Sine Wave Output

DG-3000 inverter generators produce pure (true) sine wave power, the same type and quality of AC (Alternating Current) power produced by the utility grid. Pure sine wave output is a far superior (cleaner) form of output power as compared with modified sine wave or square wave power. Increasingly, most modern electrical or electronic devices such as laptop computers, stereos, laser printers, sensitive medical equipment, digital clocks, kitchen appliance with multi-stage timers, and variable speed or rechargeable tools can only function properly with pure (true) sine wave power. Similarly, pure (true) sine wave inverter power may be needed for maximum efficiency of inductive equipment, to reduce audible and electrical noise in devices with audio-visual components and to enable proper functioning of fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts.

DG-3000 inverter generator's pure sine wave output provides suitable power for operation of all electronic and electrical appliances and devices, whereas the inferior, conventional generators produce modified or square wave power. These conventional generators are not capable of providing suitable power to many devices. Both the function and longevity of electrical/electronic devices and appliances are improved with the use of pure sine wave power.


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Shipping & Warranty:

SCOOTER WHOLESALES LLC offers a FULL 1 year free part warranty. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. If you have questions about our warranty, please e-mail us. SCOOTERS CAN ONLY BE RETURNED WITHIN THE FIRST 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE YOU RECEIVE THE SCOOTER & IT MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITION & AUTHORIZED BEFORE BEING RETURNED. We will however during the 6 month free part warranty period, provide you with free parts & we pay the shipping cost on the warranted parts to your house. SCOOTER WHOLESALES LLC will not be responsible for shipping charges on received or refused packages, part returns, or scooter returns. Freight collect and COD packages will not be accepted. If you offer on this sale and win you will be obligated to follow this warranty to the fullest and this warranty will be present in any further issues if such would arise. Everyone will receive a copy of the warranty with the manual.

Insured shipping & handling fees are FREE to anywhere in the continental USA. If you live outside the USA email us for a shipping quote before you offer. WE INSPECT THE SCOOTER BEFORE PACKAGING & ONCE AGAIN BEFORE WE SHIP IT OUT, ALL FOR QUALITY INSURANCE! We accept all credit cards through paypal or you can call us and pay over the phone.


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