NEW Dial Test Indicator Replacement Crystal 1.45"/36.8mm Fits Starrett 196 For Sale

NEW Dial Test Indicator Replacement Crystal 1.45

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NEW Dial Test Indicator Replacement Crystal 1.45"/36.8mm Fits Starrett 196 :

If you buy one crystal, shipping is free on all additional cystals!And if you buy an indicator or other gage or tool, any crystals you buy ship free. If you buy multiple items, don't pay until you request and receive an invoice that reflects this discount (although I'll always refund you anyway).

1.45"/36.8mm Ø Replacement Crystal for Starrett 196 Indicators

Brand-new replacement crystal for dial indicators and other gages and instruments. Crystal diameter measures 1.45” /36.8mm. Fits Starrett 196 indicators, and potentially other gages. Always check your crystal and/or bezel inside diameters to see if this is the size you need. If it's not, I probably have the size you're looking for; please inquire. The crystal should be a little larger than the bezel opening, so during installation it can be pressed and curved and held in place by tension. Replacing indicator crystals therefore typically requires a crystal press (or homemade contraption) to press and curve the crystal and fit it in place. The 196 is a bit different than many other indicators because the crystal should be inserted from the underside of the bezel, as opposed to from the top, so you could conceivably push it into place without a press. But a press does make it easier and you could potentially damage the crystal by trying to install it without a press. Be prepared for this; no returns because you couldn’t fit a crystal due to lack of tools or technique. Watch and jewelery stores can often perform this task although they may charge a fee. I'm happy to do it for free, but you have to pay for getting the indicator or bezel to me and then back to you. Shipping just the bezel is relatively cheap and is probably less than what a local shop would charge.Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

If you haveanyquestions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me. Indicators and other items are sold exactly as presented; boxes, paperwork, etc. are included only if shown and/or described in listing. I’ve tried to take photos showing the item as a whole and in detail from every angle; but if you’d like to see something in better detail or if I’ve left out something that you want to see, just let me know.

I make a point of keeping shipping charges as fair as possible. To that end shipping is ALWAYS combined on multiple items, at cost; there are no per-item "handling" surcharges.Potential international buyers: please contact meBEFOREofferding for an accurate shipping quote. Item(s) will ship USPS First Class or Priority, unless you have other shipping preferences. Please inform me if you do.

Customers say:

— “The Federal I got from you is more accurate than the Interapid I have. You calibrating them makes all the difference.”

— “Better than photos showcased. A++ item.”

—“When paying the $10 shipping methinks OK live and learn. To see your unsolicited refund this morning speaks highly of your character. I'm most impressed. With that in

mind, it further confirms allyou state in your descriptions as true.”

— “This indicator is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.”

— “Thank you for switching out the plate for the lug. Will buy again.”

Shipping Is Always Combined & Other Listings

Shipping for multiple items is always combined; sellers who don’t combine shipping should be scourged, in my opinion. I try to keep a variety of indicators listed for sale at all times, but it can be difficult and I don’t always manage to keep up. If you don’t see many indicators listed for sale, don’t think they’re all gone. I have a large inventory with a variety of brands including Starrett, Mitutoyo, Federal/Mahr Federal, Brown & Sharpe Bestest, Interapid, Compac, and more, in a wide range of types, graduations, measuring ranges, colors, prices, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re looking for something in particular or to ask for recommendations. If you have any questions about this indicator, other indicators, or indicators in general, don’t hesitate to contact me. Read above to learn why buying my indicators is, in most cases,better than buying new. You can also rely on me for any repair, replacement, and calibrations needs.Contact me with calibration and repair inquiries. Hughmac13 / yho.

Stop Spending Good Money on Uncalibrated Mystery Indicators

When you buy a mystery indicator you’re taking a risk. The simple fact is thatpeople selling indicators can’t be certain they’re working correctly unless they’ve recently had them calibrated. But what if it’s a top-quality brand, made in the U.S, Switzerland, or Japan?It doesn’t matter.What if it looks shiny and new and the seller says the action is smooth and it returns to zero and even comes with the box?That's all well and good, but it doesn’t mean a thing in terms of indicator performance. Though itmightbe indicating with sufficient accuracy and precision, it just as likely isn’t, and either way you won’t know—and that significant uncertainty defeats the purpose of using precision gages. Take, as just one example, an indicator I recently tried to calibrate: a beautiful Swiss-made indicator in pristine condition, it had a flawlessly smooth action,“returned to zero” (which means nothing, unless you’re planning on taking all your measurements between 0 and 0, which is impossible) and even came with the box. It was so far out of calibration as to be useless, and yetmost sellers are listing untested indicators just like this and calling them “perfect.”

Unless the indicator is indeed new (or new-ish, and therefore within warranty) or newly calibrated, you can have no confidence in its performance and will have no recourse for refund or replacement if it turns out to be deficient. This doesn’t present a problem if you’re unconcerned about the your measurement results and you have a penchant for significant uncertainty—or else are prepared to undertake the calibration yourself. But if you need to rely on the accuracy and precision of measurements—the foundation of the whole enterprise—then you must have confidence in them. Make sure the gage you buy is guaranteed to indicate within maximum permissible error, or will be refunded or replaced if it isn’t. And make sure you know exactly what a seller means when they say an indicator is “perfect,” “flawless,” and that it “repeats.” But what if it’s an Interapid? Don’t get me started…

Why This Indicator Is Better, Buying from Me Is Risk-Free & My Indicators Should Cost More

This indicator is better than a new one. I can make and guarantee this claim because every indicator I sell undergoes an extremely thorough and meticulous servicing, including:

1. total disassembly

2. cleaning of all parts in an ultrasonic cleaner and/or by hand if necessary

3. inspection of parts, for wear and damage, and of the indicator as a whole, for smooth and correct function

4. refurbishing and replacement of worn or problematic parts when necessary

5. precision tuning and calibration, so that every indicator is verified and guaranteed to be working perfectly and indicating to the very same standard of accuracy and precision as

new indicator, and in many cases—.001” and .0005” drop indicators—to a standard twice as accurate and precise as new.*

6. outfitting with a brand-new crystal or, if the indicator is electronic, new batteries, before shipping

I remain in some doubt as to whether most buyers recognize the benefits this process has on indicator function. In some cases, shockingly, some indicators are selling at a price that hardly covers the cost of the new crystal or batteries and shipping supplies. But I also I see many other used indicators selling for the same price as mine, when they have not enjoyed any of the servicing that makes such a difference for indicator performance. Completely overhauling a gage confers manifold benefits, and it requires a major investment of time and labor. There’s a reason certain shops won’t touch an indicator for less than $100, which doesn’t even include replacement parts. (According to the valuation of these respected shops, therefore, every indicator you can buy here from me is worth at least $100.) Aside from the obvious benefit of putting the indicator in the best possible condition (both cosmetic and functional) and ensuring that it performs perfectly now, it also ensures that the indicator will continue to function perfectly for as long as possible into the future. Lifting the lid on an indicator and looking inside allows the technician (me) to discover any developing or potential problems and to nip them in the bud. Even if it appears to be functioning correctly (which already presents problems of its own), if you buy an indicator that hasn’t undergone this service there may be a problems—arising from dirt, accident, or abuse—lurking within that haven’t yet reached a critical point, but will. By buying a refurbished gage you reduce that risk of future failure to the absolute minimum. In this way, too, these are far more like new indicators than used ones.

This is why the indicators I sell are fundamentally different from the many unserviced, unrefubished, uncalibrated mystery indicators selling here without guarantee, and why they should cost more. When you buy an indicator from me you’re not buying just an indicator. You’re buying the the verified performance of a new indicator, and the considerable time and labor that went into preparing the indicator for that optimal performance. You’re also buying the iron-clad assurance that your indicator and investment are guaranteed, and there is considerable value in the security and the peace of mind that provides. There are no mysteries here—just my guarantee that if you buy an indicator and can find a way in which it isn’t as good as new, you get a refund or replacement, with return shipping on me.

*All gages are tested on a NIST-traceably calibrated gage tester that is graduated in 10 millionths (.00001”). This provides the resolution necessary for testing even tenths gages. I guarantee that with proper use (not using the indicator upside-down, for instance) and under vaguely reasonable shop conditions, your gage will indicate well within manufacturer’s tolerance—or your money back.

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