MSA H2S Altair Pro Single Gas Detector, 10074136, Calibrated For Sale

MSA H2S Altair Pro Single Gas Detector, 10074136, Calibrated

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MSA H2S Altair Pro Single Gas Detector, 10074136, Calibrated:


Important information: each device is tested and will have a brand new CR2 battery installed. This device can be turned off when not in use to conserve battery by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

There are several options to choose from as this product is customizationas well as repairable unlike 24 month disposable single gas detectors. Both the sensor and battery are replaceable. Below is an explanationof the options and variable you can purchase with this product:

Calibration duration and interval cycle:

This product is set to a 30 day calibration interval which is standard from the manufacturer. Meaning this device will need to be calibrated every 30 days in order to work (User will see a cal due date that counts down from 30 days, once it reaches 0, it will beep every few minutes stating that the monitor is due for calibration) Once it is re-calibrated the cal due date will show 30 days.

If you would like the device to go longer duration without calibration We have the equipment to change this date to the following options: 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 12 months and 24 months.We perform a final calibration and include a calibration certificate on the day the device ships so the next calibration date will be from the date we ship your order. Example: If you choose 180 days cal interval the device will be calibrated the day we ship and you will not be prompt to re-calibrate until 180 days from the date we perform the service.

Alarm Set Points:

Standard set point is 10 low and 20 high and there is no additional charge, if you wish to have another set point or would like to have a customized set point please select the options. If custom is chosen please remember to include a message of what you would like the set points to be set at and we will confirm your request by responding to your message.

As a reminder if you choose to purchase the base option (50.00) the monitor will be set at manufacturers standard of 30 days and will have alarm set points set to 10 low and 20 high

It is important to note that this device is in great condition however it is used. We perform several tests and calibrations on each device but still have no way of determining when the sensor will go out. We do provide a standard 30 day replacement or return policy if this happens to occur during the first thirty days of your purchase. We have sold 1000's Of the devices over the past several months and have had no issues or reports of the sensors becoming defective. We also have used-calibrated sensors available for purchase as well as CR2 Batteries. Please message us if interested.

Please be aware that even though we can alter the calibration date from 30 days-24 months we cannot guarantee the life of the sensor for this duration. we will perform and change the device to your preferred calibration interval. Though we haven't had an issue with previous customers if you do purchase additional calibration intervals and do happen to experience a bad sensor please message us and we can work something out by repairing or replacing it at a reduced cost if possible.

In addition to the variables available in this listing we also offer 2 other that are not listed but can be applied if interested via message:

--Calibration service:We can calibrate your equipment in the form of 90 days, 180 days and 12 month packages around 45.00-150.00 depending on package option

--Extended Warranty: Our standard return policy is 30 days however, we do offer extended warranty options in the form of 90 days, 180 days and 12 months. if purchased, this warranty will cover your equipment for the duration selected. We will repair, service and replace your device during the warranty options chosen please inquire for more details

If either the calibration service or extended warranty options interest you please message for more details


10074136 Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) by MSA

These are used gas detectors and are in great condition! They have been fully tested and calibrated and calibrated and tested before shipment

Must calibrate every 30 days if standard options are selected (50.00)

When working in settings with hazardous gases or fluctuating oxygen levels, the available gas detection devices can be detrimental to health and safety. Workers in these situations need a gas detection unit that is reliable, accurate, safe, and cost efficient. Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector is built to the superior safety and quality standards of MSA and is available worldwide.

Rough and tough exterior

The unit’s polycarbonate and rubberized casing ensures the device’s longevity and durability. The gas detector is designed to withstand accidental drops and is highly water and dust resistant. The rubberized design seals the unit from unwanted debris, and the ultra strong suspension clip ensures that the device remains in place during the roughest circumstances.

Design simplicity

The high functioning single gas-detecting unit is met with design simplicity. The easy to use Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector features a true single button operation and intuitive functioning. With the press of a single button, users can power on and off the unit, activate the backlight, activate infrared communication technology, display software and alarm information, initiate a bump test, initiate calibration, manually change alarm settings, and much more. Using advanced technology and intuitive design, the Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector is an industry leader in function and simplicity.

Based on the industry-standard ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector—but with added features and functionality—ALTAIR Pro H2S gas combine reliable detection and LED/audible/flashing/vibrating alarms with clear, backlit LCD displays. Electrochemical sensors measure concentrations of toxic gas.Purpose-built for superior dust and water protection, excellent impact resistance and excellent RFI performance.

Unit detects h2s

Gas concentration (hydrogen sulfide h2s) displayed on a large, clear, backlit LCD

Adjustable alarm set points

No-miss quad alarm system includes bright flashing LEDs, piercing audible alarm, LCD notification, and an internal vibrating alarm

Rubberized armor housing and one-button operation for maximum durability and simplicity

Easy alarm check, bump check, fresh air zero, and calibration

Easily replaceable batteries and sensors

Please note: This product will be re-calibrated and tested once purchased to ensure monitor is in full working condition and meets all requirements as described to ensure customer satisfaction.

This product must be calibrated every thirty days in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines if only standard option is chosen

In addition: We also provide Additional calibration and repair services for most MSA,Industrial Scientific, BW, RAE systems and many other gas detection brands. If in the future you are in need of either a one time or monthly service or please inquire via message. Several packages offered designed to meet the needs of our customers and helping their bottom line!

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MSA H2S Altair Pro Single Gas Detector, 10074136, Calibrated


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