HP Hewlett Packard 48G Calculator 32K RAM works great HP-48G For Sale

HP Hewlett Packard 48G Calculator 32K RAM works great HP-48G

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HP Hewlett Packard 48G Calculator 32K RAM works great HP-48G:

Excellent working condition and comes with the original zipper case.
About this productProduct InformationWhether you are surveying, engineering, or catching up on your calculus homework, the Hewlett-Packard 48G calculator has your back. With a high-contrast screen with good resolution, you can keep track of all your calculations without straining your eyes. The features of this calculator are meant for statistical, mathematical, and scientific purposes.This calculator weighs in at an easy 12.8 ounces and comes with a clever, easy-to-use manual reference. The manual is also available online in case you ever need a downloadable version. The manual should have you beginning your HP 48G experience in a matter of minutes.The size of the 48G is only about 7 inches tall. This series of calculators has all the functionality of Hewlett-Packard devices without any bulkiness or front covers that get in the way. As far as battery use, it uses AAAs, so recharging this advanced calculator isn't difficult.The HP 48G calculator was first introduced in 1990 and was produced until 2003. This calculator features a copyright Saturn 1LT8 core processor that works on a memory clock frequency of 2.4 MHz.The Saturn microprocessor is a hybrid 64-bit CPU, but it acts like a 4-bit processor because it presents nibble-based data to programs and uses a nibble-based addressing system. The screen resolution is a 131 by 64 pixel display, and the communication ports are either 4-pin RS-232 or infrared ports. The CPU clock frequency is 3.68-4 MHz. It has an RPN entry mode.The HP48 model number series support a stack-based programming language, which adds the concepts of lists and functions to stack-based programming. This allows you to pass unevaluated code by leaving it on the stack. Its system emulators include Emu48 software for Windows, X48 for Mac OS X, and Droid48 for Android OS.Speed through your calculations with a built-in equation library that offers more than 300 formulas and scientific constants that will solve your problems for you. If you are unable to find the program you're searching for, you can also create and store your own. It has the ability to be completely programmable. The 48G series of calculators was created with a simplified interface and an infix key input method. You can create applications quickly and easily, and automatic and manual inputs work perfectly.Instinctively designed, this easy-to-use device lets you access all of the benefits of a high-powered graphic calculator with ease. The HP48G models have an onboard ROM of 512 KB and an onboard RAM of 32 KB. The 32 KB of RAM keeps response times speedy while sturdy construction and high-quality manufacturing ensure you will be able to use this calculator for years to come.The power of 3-D graphing, charts, and lists are in these HP 48G graphic calculators. It can help you work through complicated equations quickly and with unrivaled ease. It gives you the functionality needed by top scientists with an easy-to-use system. Check easy equations or press a few more keys on the keyboard to figure out difficult graphing problems.

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